Asheeta Regidi

  Head, Fintech Policy at Cashfree.


14 Stories by Asheeta Regidi

Addressing merchant fraud and the KYC challenge for B2B platforms and aggregators

This explores in detail steps for addressing the fraud & KYC challenge B2B platforms & aggregators face today with effective end-merchant verification & monitoring.
11 min read

Regulation 2.0 for Payment Aggregators: Reimagining the role of PAs and what still needs to change

This article takes a comprehensive look at the new PA norms-the flexible funds management introduced, the innovation enabled, & what still needs to change.
9 min read

The Indian Recurring Payments Landscape: Tapping into the Potential of UPI AutoPay

This deep-dive on UPI AutoPay explores its potential & place in the Indian recurring payments landscape today, & key further steps needed.
9 min read

Looking At India’s Payments Policy Initiatives Over 2019 and What We Need In 2020

This article provides a quick overview of 15 key payment policy initiatives of 2019, their impact & further steps.
9 min read