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[What’s New] Verify Users’ Aadhaar Card with Aadhaar Verification by Cashfree Payments!

What is Aadhaar and Why Do We need it? Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique identity number issued to all Indian citizens by the...
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What’s New in Cashfree Payments – December 2021

At Cashfree Payments, we’ve been constantly working towards making solutions that will make your payments easier! The year 2021 was no different. As businesses...
2 min read

[What’s New?] PAN Verification is now available on Verification Suite by Cashfree Payments

Verification Suite by Cashfree Payments We launched the Verification Suite, starting with Bank Account Verification in 2019, and since then businesses like Zomato, Signzy,...
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[What’s New] Cashfree Payments Mobile App (Merchant Dashboard) – Now Live!

The brand new updated Cashfree Payments Merchant Dashboard mobile app lets you easily access your Cashfree Payments account from anywhere, anytime, and track your...
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