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Donate to Mission Oxygen

India is in a state of deep health and humanitarian crisis. The massive surge in the number of COVID cases has led to our...
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Payouts Growth Story: Growing to 100,000 daily transactions in 2 years. ✌️

A few weeks back, Payouts hit 100,000 daily transactions for the first time. Throughout most of last year, 100,000 transactions daily was a distant...
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[What’s New] Refunds take time. Not anymore; we’ve fixed this.

Cashgram by Cashfree is a weblink businesses can send to their customers to collect their payment details and process refunds for Cash On Delivery...
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Why we built Payouts as an alternate to corporate internet banking.

How many times did it happen that you had an important business money transfer to make and realised it’s a bank holiday or that...
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