[What’s New] Migrate all your historic NACH e-Mandates into Cashfree Subscriptions easily!

The e-Mandate system, initiated by the RBI and NPCI, helps fast track the issuance and confirmation of mandate for recurring payments by the customers digitally. e-Mandate is a great alternative to paper-based mandates. Read more about e-Mandate and how it works, here.

If you are a business who is looking to move to a different payment solution to process your NACH e-mandates, moving all your historic information to another system can be an operational headache.

With Cashfree Subscriptions, you can now bulk import all your existing historical e-mandate information from your previous payment provider, and start accepting payments in Cashfree without any hassle. Learn more about migrating your existing e-Mandate data into Cashfree here.

Benefits of using Cashfree Subscriptions

  1. Cashfree Subscriptions lets customers authorize the subscriptions using their bank account via net banking or debit card. They can enter their bank account details and authorize the subscription. The payment gets debited automatically based on the plan selected. 
  2. As a merchant, you can get started with Cashfree Subscriptions right away, with a single file of historic e-mandate data being imported into the system.
  3. Your customers will enjoy a seamless checkout experience. The debit cycle will continue without any intervention.

If you are looking for a recurring payment platform with simplified onboarding and better customer experience, look no further! Sign up for Cashfree Subscriptions here.

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