Cashfree Payment Gateway – Enterprise features available for all


These are the three most important things which have influenced Cashfree‘s product decisions. The features built into Cashfree’s payment gateway were till now made available only to the biggest online businesses. However, Cashfree is used by merchants of all sizes — from the individual freelancer to the largest enterprise.

Some of the most appreciated features are shared in this post.

  • While PCI-DSS Compliance is a pre-requisite for payment acceptance, we have gone a step further and incorporated a very robust Risk Management System developed with help from Paypal.
  • Cashfree’s success rate is boosted by direct integrations with all major card networks and all major banks of India, offering significant improvements over routing payments via third parties.
  • Cashfree offers multiple different ways of integrating our gateway, our focus is to offer a very custom checkout experience depending on the Merchant’s needs.


CHECKOUT Experience

It is quite critical for a payment gateway to offer a seamless experience to the customers. Multiple re-directs and ugly pop-ups lead to a confused checkout experience and end up eroding customers confidence. A lot of websites do offer a beautiful checkout experience, but this lot is limited to big technology houses with abundant man-power.

We at Cashfree have carefully tried to solve this problem, we offer multiple ways to integrate our payment gateway and render a seamless checkout experience to customers. Two basic aspects of our UI integration are –

No Redirects
Customer experiences checkout flow on your website without navigating to any third-party page

Custom UI
You own the look and feel of the checkout flow or you can also use our ready-made beautiful UI components


Payment Modes

With all major cards, 70+ net banking options, UPI, 6+ wallet options and multiple pays later offers, we have you covered.

Dynamic Descriptor

Attach customer’s card statements with a customized description. Leads to instant recognition and a better product experience.

  • Reduce chargebacks and fraud, by customizing descriptors
  • Ensure recognition of charge by adding context to cardholder statement


Secure Vault

Store your customer’s information in Cashfree’s secure vault. Stored cards across our merchants can help your customers to have a seamless checkout experience.


  • Get Access to our store of saved cards offering instant checkout to your customers.
  • We take care of PCI DSS certification on your behalf and help increase successful transactions

Pre- Authorization

Put a temporary hold on some of the customer funds, but charge them only once the service is delivered. Deliver better customer experience and reduce chargebacks

  • Avoid chargebacks by capturing funds once service is delivered.
  • Offer your customers an instant refund for same-day cancellation.

Dynamic Routing

Legacy payment systems rely on inefficient routing leading to a higher number of failed transactions

  • Cashfree’s dynamic routing reduces the failure rate
  • Reduce transaction latency, leading to a great customer experience

Other Important Features

Plug-n-Play Plugins for E-commerce Store

Ready-to-use plugins for Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento, Opencart, and Prestashop. You can sign-up as individual or business and go live in minutes.

Support more than 30 Currencies

Payment available for all major international currencies.

24X7 Support

Multilanguage enterprise-level support for all merchants.

We are constantly evolving into a better version of ourselves to help businesses innovate and grow.

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