Cashgram Featured as Top 3 Products of the Day on Product Hunt

On 13th September, we did an exclusive preview of Cashgram-our latest release on Product Hunt, the platform known for surfacing the best new products, every day.

We got an opportunity to interact with product-loving enthusiasts and businesses, and share our story:

  • Why we built Cashgram?
  • How it works?
  • How it solves the problem of processing refunds and paying to users with a single web link?

It was an amazing experience getting into an engaging conversation with product enthusiasts. Here are some feedback.


The day ended with Cashgram being featured as #Top 3 Product of the day along with Design+Code 3 and Ship 2.0– a product from the creators of Product Hunt itself.

Do check out the preview of Cashfree: # Top 3 Product of the day

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Here is a note from Akash Sinha (excerpt from product hunt) where he shared how we believe Cashgram can solve the common problem of processing refunds and paying users.

Hi PH 👋🏻,

I’m Akash, the Co-Founder of Cashfree.

Cashfree is a Y Combinator-backed bulk payout and payment gateway solution for businesses. Cashgram is our latest release — a weblink businesses can send users to collect account details and make a payment.

Unlike collecting money from users, sending money to users for cash-on-delivery order refunds, rewards, reimbursements etc has always been a slow, ops heavy process often prone to errors. It has demanded coordination between product, customer support and finance team to ensure timely disbursal. Businesses have to ask for a customer’s bank account details, card number over email, chat or phone which also makes many customers uncomfortable 😑

Cashgram has been built to make that process smooth, user-friendly and accurate. It reduces the ops cost for businesses to ZERO and lets customers receive money without having to share their account details with a business 😎

How It works

💻 Business sends a Cashgram link to the user.

📱   User enters their account details (UPI, bank account or PayTM).

💰  Payout is received in their preferred account, instantly.



a) On-the-fly validation of customer-provided details. Throws error in real-time if they provide incorrect bank account number or UPI VPA.

b) Cashgrams are secured via OTP authentication 🗝

c) Instant transfers 🙌

d) Supports 4 popular modes to withdraw: Bank account number, UPI ID, PayTM and Debit cards (issued in India).

e) Auto-expiry of Cashgram, if not redeemed by the prescribed time frame ⌛️

f) Works fabulously on mobile devices. Desktops are supported too.

g) API support available 🤖


Use cases

a) COD Refunds/Returns at E-commerce stores

b) Rewards disbursal on Fantasy Sports/Online Gaming apps

c) Payouts to marketing affiliates

d) Gifting (alternative to gift cards)

e) Disbursals on P2P lending platform

f) Expense reimbursements Happy to answer your questions!

Are you…

Looking for a business solution that automates your refund processing?

Looking for an easy way to pay your users?

Try Cashgram

 Cashgram is a weblink business use to pay users instantly without collecting their payment details

 Send money directly to any UPI-BHIM ID, PayTM wallet or debit card

 Excellent refund solution especially for COD refunds