Online Payment Security In 2022: Top Safety Practices &…

Data security is the numero uno expectation of any business looking for a payment platform. At Cashfree, we have always placed your and your...
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Hosted Payment Gateway Guide 2022: Benefits, Uses & How…

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Types of Payment Gateway: All You Need To Know

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Payment Success Page – Examples, Best Practices and How…

In this blog, we will understand what a payment success page is and how to create it. We will also list the best payment...
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Third Party Payment Processor: A Detailed Guide

Looking for a one-stop solution for info on third party payment processor? Here is a guide on its advantages, disadvantages, features and how to...
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Why we built Cashgram

Looking back at 2016 when we launched Payouts, we had one goal – to give businesses a way to make bulk disbursals in the...
Megha Vijay
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Test Cases For Payment Gateway: Testing Guide & Checklist

Struggling to find test cases for payment gateway? If you want to provide a smooth payment experience to your customers then payment gateway testing...
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UPI Payments For Businesses: A Guide

According to RBI, UPI Payments will cross 999.57 million transaction volume in April 2021. Nowadays, accepting UPI payments for businesses is necessary. In this...
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FIRC(Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate): Meaning, Procedure & Format

This blog details the definition of FIRC (Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate). It also talks about the importance of a FIRC certificate and the process...
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What are the KYC procedures for merchant onboarding?

This looks at the complete KYC cycle undertaken for merchants from the pre-onboarding to post activation stage.
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