Top 11 Checkout Page Design Examples: Cheatsheet For 2022

Looking for some checkout page design examples and templates to get inspired from? Here’s a guide that helps you draw inspiration and create customer-centric and revenue-reaping checkout pages. Read On!

A checkout page may be the last step in the conversion funnel. However, it holds the most importance in the entire process. 

Perfecting the checkout page design can:

  • Ensure higher conversions
  • Increase average order value
  • Help you acquire repeat and loyal customers as well.  

But there’s a catch.

The definition of a ‘perfect checkout page design’ differs from one niche to another. What may work wonders for an eCommerce giant may not be the right fit for a lending startup. 

So, what’s the best way to find which kind of checkout page would work best for your business?

Well, here’s your answer. A list of top 11 checkout page design examples and templates to get inspired from. 

Top 11 Checkout Page Design Examples & Templates To Get Inspired From


Over the last decade, Zomato has revolutionised the entire Indian food-delivery service industry.

From just offering restaurant information (menu, location, photos, and reviews) to the Indian consumers, Zomato is now one of the largest food delivery companies operating across the nation. 

Talking about its website, Zomato has retained its original look over the years which has helped Zomato

  1. Increase brand recall 
  2. Build long-lasting customer relationships

Brand consistency is known to increase revenue upto 33%. 

At the same time, Zomato has added more functionality to the site to make it more palatable. For instance, its checkout page is an inspiration when it comes to being highly user-friendly in nature.

checkout page design

Single Page Checkout Process

As visible in the image above, Zomato offers a single page checkout process.

Meaning, users are not redirected to multiple pages to fill in various personal and/or order details to place an order. They can simply add all the necessary information in one go and make the payment while staying on the same page itself. 

This phenomenon makes the entire checkout journey concise and seamless. 

As per industry experts, a brand can increase conversions by almost 35.62% by simply applying the right checkout optimization strategies. 

Critical Delivery Information 

Since Zomato works in the food delivery space, it understands that order cancellation and reimbursements are a hassle. They serve as potential revenue loss to the company and the restaurant, respectively. 

Hence, to avoid such issues, Zomato clearly conveys that each order placed via its platform can neither be cancelled nor will be refunded. 

Such clarification helps build a level of authenticity and honesty in the minds of customers. 

Upselling At Checkout

Upselling has become a common phenomenon in the eCommerce industry. But, have you ever seen a food delivery app or website upselling stuff?

The bigger question is what would it upsell?

This is where Zomato’s strategic choices come into the limelight. 

The food delivery brand has inculcated this unique feature onto its website and app checkout pages and upsells its “ProPlus” feature. 

Customers can simply add the Pro Plus Feature along with the order, just like any other product.

checkout page design

But here’s the most important part.

At the checkout page, customers get a breakdown of all costs attached to the order. This is exactly the place one would hope for discounts or offers.

Zomato Pro Plus leverages this problem statement and provides a solution at the optimal moment.

“Want to access zero delivery fee? = Upgrade to Zomato Pro Plus”

Quite neat, wouldn’t you say?

Urban Ladder

Urban Ladder is one of the finest furniture and decor retailers in India. 

Urban Ladder makes buying furniture easy for its audience. The brand has built a harmonious website with much attention paid to intricate details. And, the same intricacy is visible on its checkout page as well. 

Listed below are some reasons why we feel Urban Ladder’s checkout page design catches the eye. 

checkout page design

Customer Assistance & Video Shop

Buying furniture online can be daunting. To ensure users feel comfortable, the site has added customer assistance and video shop bots on its checkout page. 

Users can click on the chatbot icon embedded on the right down corner of the page and seek assistance. They can seek answers to their queries and complete the purchase.

Meanwhile, they can also request to view the shop over a video call.

This helps instill confidence in the customer about the quality of the furniture.

The brand has also added textual content alongside product details assuring buys of excellent shopping and delivery experience. 

These are minor, yet major page elements that help users make the right decision and complete the purchase without second guessing.


Chumbak has one of the quirkiest websites on the world wide web. 

While the brand’s homepage is impeccably carved, the same experience extends to its checkout page as well. 

Use Of Progressive Bar To Reduce Churn

Chumbak understands that customers’ time is of supreme importance. 

However, collecting the right user information to process orders is equally important. 

So, to maintain sanity and a balance between consumer impatience and business data, Chumbak strategically uses a progressive bar.

checkout page design

As visible in the image above, the brand has divided its checkout page into three progressive steps, namely, Information > Shipping > Payment. 

More importantly, it gives consumers the option to save their information for future orders, which, in turn, helps save time. 

Consumers can further edit the information they have entered at every step. This helps ensure that orders are processed and shipped to the right person and address. 

Provide Summary Information 

Another thing that blew our minds was the placement of the order summary on the checkout page.

Highlighted in green colour, users also get the leverage to recheck their order summary while staying at the checkout page itself. 

Have a look at the image below. 

Users can:

  • Verify their order summary 
  • Add gift card or discount coupons or choose one from the available discount options and earn rebates
  • Redeem points off their gift cards

Moreover, once a user applies a discount coupon, the new total amount payable is instantly calculated and displayed on the checkout page itself. 

checkout page design

There’s no limit to the number of modifications and customisations that brands can add to their checkout pages. 

However, there surely is a strategic decision behind everything. 

And it’s these decisions that dictate your conversions.


Furlenco is an Indian online furniture and appliance lending rental platform. 

Much to the user’s convenience, the brand has created a neat looking website and mobile app.

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However, the thing that caught our attention was their seamless checkout process.  

Simple Checkout Interface

Just like the entire site, Furlenco has maintained the same decorum throughout its checkout and payment page

The brand has conveniently used the white space to highlight important order details to ensure that the consumers don’t miss any information before placing an order.  

Critical Product Details 

Furlenco highlights even the minutest of product details on its product pages. 

It follows the same logic on its checkout pages. 

checkout page design

To give you an example, the brand highlights the following:

  • Product added to the cart 
  • Per month rental price of the product
  • Discount applied on the product rental
  • Total GST applicable per product per month 
  • Product-wise delivery information

Detailed Product Information Assuring Customer Satisfaction

Furlenco also gives users the leverage to select a tenure of their choice for which they want to rent the products. 

checkout page design

They can also click on the information tabs given at the bottom of the page to gain more insights. For instance, 

  • The “Know More” section helps users select the right plan that gets them maximum discounts and benefits 
  • The “How It Works” section educates users on how Furlenco works 
  • The “FAQ” section answers some basic questions that consumers may have about Furlenco.
checkout page design


DressUp is an international clothing brand. It offers 100 plus trendy and affordable women’s clothes, footwear, and accessories. 

While the overall look and feel of the brand’s website is quite similar to that of any other online clothing store, it is its checkout page that makes it stand out in the market. 

Here’s a testimony to our claim. 

Faster Checkout And Payment Process

If you look at the image below, DressUp gives users the convenience to skip the entire Cart > Checkout > Payment process. 

Users can simply click on the “Cart” button embedded on the right top corner to checkout and place an order irrespective of the page they’re currently on. 

A slider window will open showcasing the user’s selected items along with popular domestic and international payment options. 

They can then select any of the preferred payment options. 

Once selected, say, pay via GPay, a payment window will pop up enabling the user to make a quick purchase (refer to the image above). 

Just fill in the necessary details and it’s done. 

checkout page design

Remember, convenience is the key to high conversions, and DressUp is a testament to that. 

The more convenient you make it for users to complete the purchase, the more likely they are to convert into loyal and repeat customers.

checkout page design
Ensure that your high conversion end up in high revenue


FirstCry is another brand that has an excellently designed checkout page template. 

For instance, it has carefully embedded trust badges just below the “Place Order” CTA. 

FirstCry understands the importance of such trust badges considering the target audience it caters to. Parents today are very particular about what they buy, especially for their newborns and babies.

Besides these, the brand has created its checkout page in a manner that users don’t need to juggle between pages to verify what they’re buying. 

Here are some ways in which FirstCry’s checkout page template is an inspiration. 

checkout page design

Clear Product Specifications 

FirstCry lists every minute product detail on its checkout page that a customer is likely to verify before making the purchase. These include, 

  • Product photo
  • Size 
  • Fabric
  • Delivery date
  • Quantity
  • MRP 

The brand further gives customers an option to move items to and from the shortlist. 

Users don’t have to leave the page to do so. They can simply click on the “Shortlist” icon placed next to “Shopping Cart” on the left corner of the page and do the needful.  

Slide Pop-up Window To Change Payment Mode & Make Payment

FirstCry has a smartly embedded payment option selection feature right next to the “Place Order” CTA on the checkout page itself. 

This means that users aren’t redirected to another page to select a payment option and complete the transaction. 

They can easily select a payment option of their choice or change the mode of payment while staying on the checkout page itself. 


Ixigo is one of the leading AI-based online travel portals that enable users to plan, book, and manage trips across air, rail, buses, and hotels.

Compared to its competitors, Ixigo has designed a very user-friendly checkout process. 

Here’s why we consider Ixigo’s checkout page design template as an inspiration.

View Fare Details 

Ixigo gives users the option to choose between two fare options – Assured and Basic. It also details the difference between the two fare types. 

This equips the user with the required information to make the right decision. 

Moreover, it also highlights why choosing one option is better than the other.

Meanwhile, users can also click on the “View Fare Details” icon placed on the right top corner for users to know more about each of the two fare options. 

checkout page design

Besides showing a detailed view of the fare that a user selects, it also shares the same details at every consecutive step. 

Auto-Fill Information

As visible in the image below, Ixigo allows users to auto-fill their information saved in the “Travellers List” from previous bookings. 

This step helps save time and enables users to quickly proceed to the payment step. 

checkout page design

Time is of the essence. 

And, Ixigo encashes on it quite impeccably. 

It helps users to book their tickets in the least amount of time when compared to other booking sites. This is exactly why Ixigo also sits in the list of top 10 flight booking websites in India. 


TeePublic is an international custom apparel brand.

It has a unique checkout process that makes ordering products from TeePublic very easy. 

Quick Checkout At Cart 

If you take a look at the image below, TeePublic allows users to skip the entire checkout process and directly make payments using PayPal. 

checkout page design

This not only enables users to save time but do away with the hassle of jumping from one page to another to finally place an order.  

Trust Badges

Another thing that makes TeePublic’s checkout page design template an inspiration is the clear display of trust badges. 

It clearly displays customer experience rating (in the form of star rating) sourced through Trustpilot.

Although a minor addition, it helps instil customer trust while completing the checkout process. 


Fossil is an internationally renowned brand most famed for its exclusive range of watches, bags, and wallets. 

The brand carefully highlights its best sellers for all age groups on its homepage and ensures a seamless, end-to-end customer experience.

The same obsession is visible on its checkout page design. Here’s what differentiates Fossil from its global counterparts.

Guest checkout 

Fossil realises that logging in every time to place an order can be a cause of abandonment. To avoid such a situation, the brand offers a guest checkout option to its users. 

As visible in the image below, a user can simply enter their “Shipping & Delivery” details and place an order without logging in. 

With this, 

  • A user suffers from less account creation fatigue
  • The checkout process becomes easy and user-friendly
  • Abandonment rate reduces significantly 
  • Chances of conversions are higher 
checkout page design

Form Field Example

Form field example means adding a specimen of the kind of information a user must fill in the form field. 

For instance, Fossil understands that users are likely to face an issue while entering Pin Code and Phone Number. Hence, it has added proper instructions below the respective fields. This shows how considerate Fossil is – helping users fill correct information in one go. 


CXL is one of the best skill-building platforms for marketers. It offers a diverse variety of expert marketing courses on product marketing, brand building, customer acquisition, conversion optimization, and digital analytics. 

Here are a couple of reasons why we’ve included CXL’s checkout page design in our list of inspirations. 

Use Of Psychology Of Colors To Grab Attention

While most training websites have a quirky look to attract the attention of visitors, CXL has a fairly different approach. It uses shades of black, white, and red to lay clear emphasis on critical elements. 

For instance, as visible in the image below, CXL has used shares of red to lay focus on important page elements.

  • Bright red colour to highlight important textual context such as 
    • Login
    • Remove [items from the bag]
    • Primary CTA – Get Access Now
  • Light red colour to highlight the payment section
checkout page design

Red, back, and white are iconic colours that when used together, create a harmonious effect. They have the ability to depict simplicity yet convey critical messaging and ensure customer attention. 

Ferns N Petals

Ferns N Petals is another name on our list of checkout page design example inspiration. 

This online gifting shop certainly understands that gifting is not just a regular thing. It’s an emotional stance, a ritual that gives people immense joy and a sense of satisfaction. And, this is clearly visible through its website. 

Security Badges

While trust badges can be a qualifier of anything from product quality to raw materials, security batches are mainly used to validate payment processes.

Ferns N Petals has prominently placed secure badges and seals to give buyers the peace of mind they need while buying items online. 

checkout page design

Showing such badges also instils a buyer’s confidence in the platform that their financial and personal information will be kept safe and secure.  

Know more about payment security


Ferns N Petals also leverages the feature of recommendations on its checkout page. This helps them upsell products and significantly increase their average buyer order value as well. 

Creating Your Own Checkout Page Masterpiece?

A checkout page is all about placing the right elements at the right point.

It’s also about ensuring the least distractions to streamline the entire checkout process and maximise sales.

Take inspiration from these above-mentioned top 11 checkout page design examples and templates and create one that helps bag as many conversions as possible.

For expert advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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