Mogra Designs Story: 15+ Countries, 100+ Payment Modes-One Payment Gateway

Mogra Design – a leading designer apparel range runs its online store on Shopify. Featured in fashion and lifestyle magazines like VOGUE India, ELLE India, Mogra Designs is a global clothing label known for its exclusive selection of bohemian fusion-wear.


Finding the right payment partner while selling globally and within India, from India


The online store ships worldwide, and is proud that women of different ethnicities around the world can travel to India through their wardrobes. Be it Japan, Johannesburg, Spain, Greece, Rio, France and London, Mogra Designs is happy to be colouring the map!


“For a smooth checkout experience, we earlier partnered with two international payment gateways operating outside India that supported USD but not INR. Since we sell in India as well as globally, we needed a payment gateway that could support multiple currencies and also avoid the hassle of currency conversion.”


Looking for a gateway that supported checkouts for a Shopify store operating in multiple currencies, Mogra Designs found Cashfree and was live in no time.

“Customers feel more comfortable to see the product price displayed in their home currency, no one wants to do the math.”


“Customers feel more comfortable to see the product price displayed in their home currency, no one wants to do the math. Now they can simply select a product in their currency and pay via their preferred mode. Being able to access a previously untapped set of international customers has surged orders and revenues.”




Top 3 things that Mogra Designs loves about Cashfree…

  • Customers can select any of 17 currencies & conversion to INR happens automatically
  • We integrated our existing PayPal account to Cashfree & could receive international payments from day one.
  • Indian customers love Paytm & Cashfree gives us maximum no. of popular payment options.


Mogra Designs checkout page showing 100+ payment modes powered by Cashfree


“Moreover, Cashfree provides local support, we can email or call and get assistance in our time zone.”

How Cashfree helped with higher cashflow?


“Cashfree has helped us with the cash flow. With the earlier payment gateways, the settlement cycle was long. We had to wait for a week to get the payments. Now it is much faster, the payment hits our bank account within two days of sales.”


A Product that evolves with your business


“The product has kept pace with our evolving business needs. We are also looking forward to trying Cashgram for COD(Cash On Delivery) orders refunds management” 


What is Cashgram?


Cashgram is a web link that merchants can generate from their Cashfree Dashboard to send refund money directly to customers mobile no. or email id. The customer can simply choose his prefered mode and redeem the amount.


It is ideal when it is a Cash On Delivery order and refund is requested. It saves merchants from collecting payment details over emails and avoid follow-ups. This enables instant refund processing and Instant Refunds Means Happy Customers!


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