[What’s New] Now, get your instant settlements directly credited to your bank account!

Instant Settlements is an advanced payment gateway feature by Cashfree Payments, that allows you to access customer payments immediately. The funds will be settled to the destination of your choice. We offered settlement of funds to your virtual account number in order to help you accelerate your daily payouts to vendors and other business expenses. We have taken it up a notch higher with our latest upgrade.

Introducing Direct to Bank Instant Settlements by Cashfree Payments!

You can now get your payments settled directly into your bank account within 90 minutes of payment capture, without the need to have an intermediate payouts account.

Instant Settlements lets you,

  • Access customer payments made via Cashfree Payment Gateway directly into your payouts account!
  • Define the settlement cycle for your payments – as fast as 15 minutes from payment capture
  • Choose which account your funds need to be credited – virtual account number or your bank account

How does Instant Settlements help you?

Always have cash on hand

With Instant settlements, you don’t have to delay your business expenditure due to credit dependencies anymore. You can manage your working capital better with all the cash made on sale on a particular day, made instantly available to you.

Plan your business operations better

Do away with the uncertainties of planning your business based on arbitrary projections, and set clear goals with the promise of money that’s coming in today. Instant settlements makes sure you receive all your customer payments in no time.

Handle Refunds and chargebacks easily

Offer faster refunds and chargebacks to customers without thinking twice about the customer payments reaching you. Address all customer grievances instantly and make sure they don’t affect your business’ growth.

If you wish to try Instant Settlements for your payments, please sign up to Cashfree Payments here.