[What’s New] Get Android 11 ready with Cashfree!

The latest version of Google’s operating system, Android 11, is finally out! With this latest version, Google has released some new features and made some improvements to their existing features. 

In this blog our experts have compiled how you can successfully migrate your mobile app to Android 11 and how you can ensure seamless payment collection on your mobile app by upgrading to Cashfree updated Android SDK and get Android 11 ready.

How to migrate your app successfully to Android 11

With every release of a new Android version, Google introduces new features and make some behavioural changes to its platform. While in most cases your app might be unaffected with these changes, there might be scenarios where you will have to make changes in order to make your app compatible to the platform.

Migrating your app to the latest Android platform typically involves two phases,

  1. Ensuring app compatibility – testing your existing app against Android 11 to ensure an uninterrupted service for your customers
  2. Targeting the new platform features and APIs – Adding complete support for Android 11 with the help of the newly provided APIs.

Read more about migrating your app to Android 11.

Seamless in-app payment collection with Cashfree Android 11 SDK

Cashfree, as a payment gateway, offers multiple integration options, both for websites and mobile apps, to help businesses collect payments from their customers. This means that we are constantly working towards making sure our integrations are up to date. Know more about the different checkout integrations available with Cashfree.

Android SDK

The Cashfree Android SDK allows you to integrate Cashfree Payment Gateway into your application and start collecting payments from your customers.

The Cashfree SDK has been designed to minimise the complexity of handling and integrating payments in your application. The Cashfree Android SDK is available at the Github repo as a .aar file.

With the release of Android 11, we have made some changes to our existing Cashfree SDKs to get our merchants ready and migrate smoothly to Android 11. Before we tell you how to go about updating your SDKs, here are some major reasons why you should update your app integration with Cashfree SDK,

Package visibility changes

Android 11 changes affect how your app interacts with the third party apps including UPI apps (like PhonePe, PayTm, Google Pay etc) via Cashfree SDK, when it comes to UPI intent payments. In order to ensure the best payment experience for your customers though your app, we have updated our SDKs. We request you to update your Cashfree SDK integration to the latest version.

Google app review process

Another significant change in Android 11 is the app review process in Google Play Store which will now automatically flag the apps which are not Android 11 compatible. Regardless of whether or not you’re using UPI intent payments, you are advised to upgrade your integration. Inability to do so may lead to updates to your app getting rejected if your app’s Android version target is Android 11.

We urge you to update your app’s integration with Cashfree SDK to continue providing an uninterrupted payment experience for your customers, and prevent any issues with the review and approval process from Google Play Store. 

How do I integrate my mobile app with Cashfree SDK?

If you’re a business looking to integrate your Android app with Cashfree, please reach out to our experts by sending an email to techsupport@cashfree.com, and our team of experts will guide you through the process.

How can I update my app integration with Cashfree SDK?

Cashfree’s hybrid platform SDKs use Android’s SDK as foundation. So, users of React Native, Cordova and Xamarin SDK are all urged to update the app by following the instructions given below:


If you have integrated the Cashfree Android SDK via our maven repository, you can upgrade by changing the dependency string in your app.gradle file as follows:

implementation ‘com.cashfree.pg:android-sdk:1.5.2’

If you have integrated via embedding the .aar file into your project, please refer to the revised integration steps and upgrade to the latest version of the Cashfree Android SDK. 

React Native

The latest version of React Native SDK (1.1.1) is now available. You can update to the latest version of React Native SDK (1.1.1) by using the following update command: (this will work on npm version 6.x)

npm update react-native-pg-react-native-sdk 

No further code changes will be required at your end.


The latest version of our Flutter SDK (1.0.1+12) is available here. You can update to the latest version of our Flutter SDK (1.0.1+12)

Add this line in the podspec.yaml file of your flutter project

cashfree_pg: 1.0.1+12

No further code changes will be required at your end.


The latest version of Cordova SDK (1.3.1) is now available here. You can update to the latest version of Cordova SDK (1.3.1) by using the following update command: (this will work on npm version 6.x)

npm update cashfree_pg_sdk_cordova 

No further code changes will be required at your end.


Cashfree supports Xamarin integration on the following platforms:

The latest version of Xamarin SDK (1.1.0) is now available. Follow these steps to update to the latest version of Xamarin SDK (1.1.0).

We are sure these changes will help provide a seamless payment experience for your customers. If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, please comment below, or write to us at techsupport@cashfree.com.