[What’s New] Accept payments instantly from customers without a website using Payment Links

The online business market has expanded exponentially over the past decade. There are countless opportunities for small and micro businesses to go global with their products, a luxury that was once available only for bigger corporations with state-of-the-art infrastructure. The advent of accessible internet has helped a number of businesses leverage social media to sell their products and services. There isn’t a necessity for them to invest on building and maintaining a full-functioning website anymore.

Businesses are now looking for faster and easier ways to collect payments, which was traditionally done via websites or a digital storefront.

In order to enable the emerging needs of these businesses, we at Cashfree have revamped Payment Links, our no-code payment collection tool.

What are Payment Links?

Payment Links by Cashfree is a simple tool that helps businesses generate customized links that contain the details of the products they sell. These links can be shared with customers via SMS, email, or WhatsApp. Payment Links is a no-code payment solution, which means you don’t need to do any integration work and start accepting payments in minutes.

Benefits of using Payment Links

No coding or website integration needed

You can get started right away by generating Payment Links in three simple steps and accept payments from customers. There is no need for a website integration or any bit of coding to generate Payment Links.

Create branded checkout pages

You can create customized checkout pages with your brand colours, and logo. You can also select the payment modes you want to show to your customers.

Get paid in more than 120 ways

Payment Links supports more than 120 payment modes including UPI, debit and credit cards, netbanking, wallets etc. Your customers can choose from a wide range of payment options and pay via the mode of their choice.

Notify customers automatically

Payment Links lets you intimate your customers automatically via SMS, email, or WhatsApp as soon as you generate it. You can also set automated reminders to make sure your customers pay you on time.

Enable partial payments

You can let your customers initiate partial payments on products or services you offer, and let them complete the remainder of the payment once the order is fulfilled. Businesses offering advanced booking options or book now pay later, such as hotel bookings, interior designing, construction services can make use of this feature.

Upload links in bulk

As your business grows, you can also scale your payment link generation by uploading a simple .csv or .xlsx file of all the transactions you’d like to create, and let us create the links for you automatically. This will save you a great deal of time and avoid manual errors.

Easy Reconciliation

Payment Links provides you with real-time data on transactions and settlements right on the dashboard. You can also delve deep into the specifics of a transaction or a settlement in the Reports section. The comprehensive reports will save a lot of time for your finance team.

Who can use Payment Links?

D2C entrepreneurs and small businesses

Small businesses and D2C brands that use social media channels as the primary platform for selling their products or services can use Payment Links to generate instant links and get paid from customers.

Ecommerce platforms and marketplaces

Payment Links serves as a contactless payment alternative for offline customers who pay via point of sale or through cash. Ecommerce merchants can also follow up on abandoned carts and dropped customers for quick payment collection via Payment Links and improve conversion.

Utility Services

Payment Links can be used to collect payments for utility bills and similar services such as telephone, gas, and electricity bills.

EMI collections

NBFCs and insurance agents can use payment links as an additional source to collect loan installments, SIP installments, credit card payments from customers.

Education services

Educational services like tutorials, K12 schools, coaching and education institutes can now collect fees in bulk by sending links and reminders to students. Other services like online courses, Olympiads providers and educators can also request, send reminders, and collect course and test fees with the help of Payment Links.

ERP providers

ERP solutions can integrate payment links to automate fee instalments and due collection from parents without taking them through app or website login flow.

Conversational commerce

Online businesses using chatbots to accept orders can use Payment Links to enable seamless order creation and online payment collection as part of the conversational flow.

In short, payment collection has never been faster and simpler! Payment Links solves the payment woes of small businesses without the need to invest on websites and payment infrastructures.

Try Payment Links today and start accepting payments right away!