What’s New in Cashfree Payments – September 2021

At Cashfree Payments, we’ve been constantly working towards making our solutions make your life easier! We hope these product developments will make your Cashfree experience better.

We’d love for you to give these features a try and let us know your feedback. As always, feel free to reach out to us at care@cashfree.com for any support you may need..

Product Release Notes

Payment Gateway

Increase AOV & reduce cart abandonment rate with Syrow & Cashfree

Now you can increase Average Order Value (AOV) & reduce cart abandonment rate with our recent partnership with Syrow, an omni-channel customer experience management system. Use Syrow’s customer experience platform to nudge customers who don’t complete a purchase after adding items to cart and collect payments in a single-click with Cashfree Payment Links. 
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Automate invoicing and get paid faster with Cashfree & Deskera!

Still creating invoices manually and dealing with late customer payments after repeated payment reminders? Not anymore. Now you can automate invoicing, schedule payment reminders and get paid by your customers in a single-click through payment links with Cashfree+Deskera partnership.
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Payment Gateway


Preschedule charges for transactions via SI on cards

As per the latest RBI guidelines, issuing banks are expected to notify customers about their recurring transactions on their card, 24 hours prior to the debit date. In order to comply with this, Cashfree Subscription now lets merchants pre-schedule transactions for customers upto 7 days prior to the date of debit.

Avail Instant Settlements on your wallet transactions

If you are a merchant accepting payments via wallets, you can now get them instantly settled to your wallets directly with Instant Settlements —  as soon as 15 minutes from payment capture! 

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Now, get Payment Gateway reports securely delivered to your SFTP server

You can now get the ‘transactions report’ and ‘Settlement & Adjustments report’ securely delivered to your own SFTP server or hosted in Cashfree’s SFTP servers every day as per your desired frequency. Feel free to reach out to care@cashfree.com if you wish to try this functionality out!

Introducing Accounts by Cashfree – our very own Banking-as-a-Service platform!

Accounts by Cashfree Payments is a Banking as a Service platform that lets you integrate your product with major banks via API. With Accounts, you can enable users to open accounts, link accounts, accept deposits, make payouts, check balance and earn interest and do a lot more.
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Banking as a Service


The Cashfree Payouts Merchant Dashboard mobile app is now live!

Payouts Merchant Dashboard app is an all-in-one Android app that gives merchants full control over their Payouts account. You can now add funds, manage accounts, track payouts transfer status in real-time on the go with the Merchant Dashboard mobile app.
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Send checkout links to end-customers and get paid on time!

Subscription now lets you share the checkout URL with end-customers via SMS or email. Customers can open the link, authorize mandate and get subscription activated without any hassle.



Now, set the first charge date for the e-Mandates you create!

With this feature, you can now set the start date from which the first payment will be debited for the e-Mandates. 

Webhook checkpoint for subscription failures

With Cashfree Subscriptions, you will now be able to notify your customers in case of  failure of eMandate creation with our webhook checkpoints. Cashfree will invoke a webhook whenever an e-Mandate fails for your customers. You can use this webhook to intimate your customers on failed transactions.
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Payment Gateway

Cashfree integrates with AU Small Finance Bank

Cashfree Payment Gateway has added AU Small Finance Bank as net banking and TPV net banking  bank option in addition to 50+ other banks. 

New product launch – Payment Links!

Payment Links by Cashfree is a simple tool that helps businesses generate customized links along with  details of the products. These links can be shared with customers via SMS, email, or WhatsApp. Payment Links is a no-code payment solution, which means you don’t need to do any integration work and can start accepting payments in minutes.
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Payment Links

Cashfree Payments

Cashfree is now ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified!

Cashfree is now an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified payment company. This means that we have implemented all the procedures and processes recommended by the Information Security Management System (ISMS) policy, to make sure that your and your customer’s data is secure.
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Cashgram Expiry Link extension

While creating a Cashgram link, you will now be able to choose the expiry date as anytime within the 30 days, instead of the previous 7-day period. We found that the major reason for non-redeemed Cashgram links is due to the short span of expiry date. Hence the expiry limit has been extended to 30 days. 



Support Of Individual Utility Code

This enhancement allows the merchant to be onboarded on their own Utility code. All end-customer facing interfaces will now reflect the Merchant’s name, giving a personalized experience for the end-customer.

Cashfree Partner Badge

We have recently introduced the Cashfree Partner Badge which can be easily embedded on your website or app. With this badge, you can conveniently refer merchants through your unique partner referral link added in the badge, thereby Increasing your merchant referrals through higher visibility and Cashfree’s branding support.


Payment Gateway

Webhooks for Monitoring Incident Service

Cashfree will now notify you whenever we create an incident at our end. An incident implies that the issuing bank is facing high failure rates or has scheduled a maintenance activity during that time. Cashfree will invoke a server-to-server call via webhooks whenever an incident is created. You can use this webhook and update your payment page accordingly. 

UPI Autopay 2.0

Merchants can now enable their customers to set up recurring payments via UPI. This will help merchants achieve higher adoption rates, and ensure secure payments as per the RBI guidelines. 



SBI direct debit: Scanned Image Parsing For Physical Mandates

With this feature, merchants can now give us a scanned image of a mandate (a challan that is signed by the end customer) to authorize recurring payments. Cashfree will process this mandate and subsequently process the upcoming debits. In order to process this mandate, however, the end customer’s bank account has to be with the SBI.

Subscription Activation From dashboard

If a recurring payment transaction fails, the subscription goes to the ONHOLD state. You can retry the failed transaction from within the dashboard. Once the retry is successful, the subscription will automatically be activated. Read more here.


Auto Collect

Merchant Self Help

Merchants can now help customers with queries regarding the status of a transaction without having to reach out to Cashfree. They can search by the specific UTR and Virtual ID under the Payments tab in Auto Collect Dashboard, and get the corresponding transaction status. Know more here.

Early Access To The New Cashfree Payment Gateway Dashboard 

A few of our merchants have been provided with exclusive access to our latest version of Cashfree Payment Gateway Dashboard – a more user-friendly dashboard that is faster and easier to navigate. The latest upgrade comes with a more detailed transaction timelines and a more comprehensive reporting. To try out the new dashboard, please send us an email to techsupport@cashfree.com

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