[What’s New] Integrated Refunds Management on Shopify

There is a good news for Shopify merchants. From 17th Dec, 2018, Shopify Cashfree merchants will be able to use integrated refunds management on Shopify Dashboard along with Cashfree payment gateway at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

With this product update, Cashfree is now one the first few payment gateways to support integrated refund management on Shopify Dashboard though our plugin.

With this capability, we hope to bring you the power of integrated payment gateway that helps you accept payments and manage refunds on the same platform without having to log in to different systems.

What it means for a Cashfree Shopify Merchant?

  • Ability to track, manage and release refunds for all refund request directly from your Shopify Dashboard
  • Refund can be made partially or of the full amount. For example, if the refund request is received for 1 unit out of 3 units purchased by the customer, partial refund can be processed.
  • Works for all payment modes (net banking, UPI, debit card etc)

What do you need to do?

Nothing! Yes, your existing Cashfree Shopify integration Plugin will be automatically updated from our end and the refund support will be auto-enabled on your Shopify Dashboard.

In case, you donot want this feature, you can write to us at support@cashfree.com and we shall disable it for your account.

Let’s see how it works!

To understand, it let’s take example of a customer named “Radhika” who bought 2 units and has raised a request to refund 1 unit.

To process the refund request. Login to Shopify dashboard >orders>all orders.


Click on the order for which refund has been requested. (#1009)


Now click on refund items tab

On the refund items screen(as shown below), specify the number of items to be returned and amount of shipping to be refunded. On the right side, you will see the total refund amount (item value + shipping) , now click on Refunds.


You will see that the item refunded will be shown as restocked along with the status of the original order as partially refunded.


This way you can track orders and process refunds faster on your Shopify Dashboard itself without having to login to Cashfree merchant dashboard. 

We hope that with this feature you will be able to manage and process refunds faster and keep your customers happy and be invested in you.

For any Shopify return support queries write us at care@cashfree.com.