Why We Built Cashgram

Looking back at 2016 when we launched Payouts, we had one goal – to give businesses a way to make bulk disbursals in the...
Megha Vijay
3 min read

[What’s New] Introducing the all-new Cashgram with advanced features

We launched Cashgram in 2018 to help businesses send money to their customers/ vendors/ partners when only their phone number and email address are...
2 min read

[What’s New] Online Refunds: From Weeks to Seconds

How many times have you waited for a purchase refund to be credited to your bank account to be credited over a week, or...
Yash Vardhan
8 min read

[What’s New] Refunds take time. Not anymore; we’ve fixed…

Cashgram by Cashfree is a weblink businesses can send to their customers to collect their payment details and process refunds for Cash On Delivery...
2 min read