New UPI Transaction Limit: SBI, HDFC & other 105 banks (2022 Updated List)

UPI transaction limit is Rs 1 lakh per transaction. This limit has been set by NPCI, the RBI regulated entity that built UPI.

New UPI Transaction Limit Update in 2022: Limit Increased For IPO and RDS

Moreover, the UPI transaction limit for Initial Public Offering (IPO) and Retail Direct Scheme (RDS) is 5 lakhs, according to NPCI circular released on 9 December 2021.

However, it is important to note that on 24 September 2021, NPCI released a circular pushing for standardization of UPI transaction limit.

NPCI requested banks to follow the following standards:

UPI Transaction CategoryUPI Transaction TypeUPI Transaction Limit
P2P (Peer to Peer)/P2PM (Peer to Peer Merchant)
Collect Share Intent Link and Pay QR Share and PayINR 2000
P2M (Peer to Merchant) Non-Verified OfflineCollect Share Intent Link and Pay QR Share and PayINR 2000
P2P/P2PMPay1 Lakhs
P2MAll1 Lakhs
P2M (Verified Specific Categories)**All2 Lakhs

*P2PM  refers to the category catering to small merchants and the unorganized retail sector.

**Specific Category refers to merchants added to ‘verified merchants’ list by Acquiring Banks.

It also includes specific business categories like capital market, collection, insurance, preapproved disbursment and FIR.

UPI transaction limit can be categorized as

  1. UPI transaction amount limits i.e the maximum amount of money that can be transferred via UPI.
  2. Frequency i.e number of UPI transactions a person can do in a day.

Bank UPI transaction limit by amount

Recently most of the nationalised banks including SBI, Axis bank, ICICI bank etc which are part of UPI network have published their revised UPI transfer limits.

UPI transaction limit per day

The UPI transaction limit per day has been defined by each bank in the UPI network and varies bank to bank. For example in SBI UPI transaction limit per day is Rs 1,00,000, while in Bank of Baroda UPI transaction limit is Rs 50,000.

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UPI transaction limit per week

Some banks have also defined UPI transaction limit by week. For example IDFC UPI transaction limit per month is Rs 30,00,000.

UPI transaction limit per month

Most of the public sector banks and recognized private banks have not imposed any monthly UPI transaction limit, while there are banks that do have limits. For example IDFC bank has set limit as Rs howeverSame as per day and per week UPI transfer limit, monthly UPI transaction limit also varies. For example IDFC upi transaction limit per week is Rs 7,00,000, while SBI has not set any limit.

PhonePe Transaction Limit Per Day

  • The PhonePe transaction limit per day is 1 lakh INR. (Rs. 1,00,000)
  • In terms of frequency, the Phonepe limit per day is 20 transactions in 24 hours

Check out this blog to get more information on PhonePe transaction limit per day.

SBI UPI transaction limit

  • UPI transaction limit SBI ( per transaction) is Rs 100,000 maximum as determined by NPCI.
  • SBI per day UPI transaction limit is Rs 100,000
  • There is no limit for per week or per month value of UPI transfer.

UPI transaction limit ICICI bank

  • ICICI UPI transaction limit ( per transaction) is Rs 10,000
  • ICICI per day UPI transaction limit is Rs 10,000
  • There is no limit for per week or per month value of UPI transfer.

We have compiled a list of 105 Indian banks showing UPI transaction limit per transaction along with UPI transaction limit per day, per week and per month.

S.No.Bank NamePer Transaction Limit (Rs)Per day limit (Rs)Per week limitPer month limit
1A P Mahesh Bank25,000100,000NANA
2Aditya Birla100000100000NANA
3Airtel Payments Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
4Allahabad Bank 25,0001,00,000 NA NA 
5Allahabad UP Gramin Bank25,000100,000NA NA 
6Andhra Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
7Andhra Pradesh Grameen Vikas Bank2500025000NANA
8Andhra Pragathi2500025000NANA
9Apna Sahakari Bank 100000100000No limitNo limit
10Assam Grameen Bank50002500050000100,000
11Axis bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
12Bandhan Bank100000100000NANA
13Bank of Baroda25,00050,000NANA
14Bank of Maharashtra1000020000NANA
15Baroda Gujarat Gramin Bank25,000NANANA
16Baroda Uttar Pradesh Gramin Bank25,000100,000NANA
18Bihar Gramin Bank100,000200,000NA2,000,000
19BOI 10,000100,000NANA
20Canara Bank100,000100,000NANA
21Catholic Syrian Bank  1,00,0001,00,000 NANA
22Central Bank of India2500050000NANA
23Chaitanya Godavari Gramin Bank25,000100,000NANA
24Chhattisgarh Rajya Gramin Bank2500025000NANA
25Citibank 1,00,000 1,00,000 NANA
26Corporation Bank50000 1,00,000NA 20,00,000
28 City Union Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
29DBS Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
30DCB BANK2500025,000NA NA
31Dena BanK 100,000 100,000NANA
32Deutsche Bank AG100,000 NA NA NA
33Dhanlaxmi Bank 50,000 1,00,000NA1,500,000
34Dombivli Nagri Sahakari Bank100,000100,000NANA
35Equitas Small Finance Bank Payments Bank  1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
37 Federal bank 1,00,0001,00,000 NANA
38G P Parsik Bank 50000100000 700000 3000000
39Gujarat State Bank2500050000NANA
41HDFC Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NA NA
42HSBC Bank100000100000NANA
43 Indian Bank 1,00,0001,00,000 NANA
44ICICI Bank10,00010,000NANA
45IDBI  25,00050,000NA NA
46IDFC  1,00,000100,000700,0003,000,000
47Indiusind Bank100000100000NANA
48IndusInd Bank100000100000NANA
50Janta Sahakari Bank100000NANANA
51Kallapanna 25000100000NANA
52Karnataka Bank  1,00,000100,000NA 20,00,000
53Karnataka Vikas2500025000NANA
54Karur Vysya Bank 1,00,0001,00,000 NANA
56Kerala Grameen Bank**10-5000050000NANA
57Kotak bank25,00050,000NANA
58 LVB100,000100,000700,0003,100,000
59Langpi Dehangi2500025000NANA
60Mahanagar Bank25,000100,000NANA
61Maharashtra Grameen Bank2500025000NANA
62Malwa Gramin Bank2500025000NANA
63Meghalaya Rural Bank2500025000NANA
64Mehasana Urban  co-operative Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
66NKGSB Co-Op Bank Ltd 20,00040,000NANA
67 OBC 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
68 PNB100,000100,000 4,00,0001,000,000
69 Punjab and Maharashtra Co- Op Bank Ltd 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
70Paytm Payments Bank100000NANANA
71Pragathi Krishna Grameen Bank*10-2000020000NANA
72Prathma Bank2500025000NANA
74Purvanchal Bank2500025000NANA
75Rajasthan Marudhar2500025000NANA
76Rajkot nagrik Bank 100000100000No limitNo limit
78Samruddhi Co Op Bank50,00050000350000150000
79Saraswat Co-op Bank   1,00,000 50,000NANA
80Saurashtra Gramin Bank2500025000NANA
82South Indian Bank 1,00,0001,00,000 NANA
83Standard Charter Bank100000NANANA
84Standard Chartered Bank100000100000NANA
86Surat People Cooperative Bank100,000100,000NANA
87SVC Bank10,00020,000140,000600,000
88Syndicate bank50,00050,000NANA
90Thane Bharat Sahakari Bank50000 100000No limitNo limit
91Thane Janta sahakari Bank 100000100000No limitNo limit
92The Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd25,00025,000NA250,000
93The Kalyan janta sahakari Bank 100000100000No limitNo limit
94The Sutex Co – Op Bank200000200000NANA
95TMBL 20,000100000NANA
96UCO 1,00,000 1,00,000NA NA 
97Ujjivan Small Finance Bank50,000100,000NANA
98Union Bank of India 1,00,000100,000 5,00,000 20,00,000
99United Bank of India 100,000 25,000NA NA 
100uttarakhand Gramin Bank2500025000NANA
102Varanchha Bank20,00040,000NANA
103Vijaya bank50,00050,000NANA
104Vishveshwar Co opp Bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANA
105Yes bank 1,00,000 1,00,000NANAUPI

UPI 2.0 and revised UPI transaction limit

With version 2.0, UPI is likely to include a bunch of new features like the doubling of transaction limits to Rs 2 lakh, and the ability to link overdraft (OD) accounts to UPI. 

UPI transaction limit by frequency

Recent Update

Vide NPCI Circular dated October 22, 2018, UPI transaction frequency limit has been revised from 20 to 10 transactions per day for Peer to Peer transfers (P2P).

The UPI transaction limit per day has been reduced as many people were using the UPI platform multiple times just to earn rewards.

Note: This limit is not applicable if a person makes a payment to the merchant. The limit is only for the Peer to Peer Transfers (P2P).

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UPI as the Preferred Payment Mode.

UPI is set to become the de-facto mode of payment both for P2P (person to person) & P2M (person to merchant) transactions.

At Cashfree, we’ve always believed UPI to be a transformative force in the Indian payments ecosystem and were quick to jump on to the UPI bandwagon.

Here are just some of the features that a UPI payment gateway can offer:

  1. Better customer experience- with easy integration
  2. Recurring Bill option with UPI Autopay- for your subscription business
  3. UPI Payment Links- easily shared over Whatsapp or text
  4. Virtual UPI IDs for easy reconciliation
  5. Payment option through Dynamic/Static QR code
  6. UPI ID Verification: for higher success rate

So, as a business, you never have to worry about the PhonePe transaction limit per day or the UPI limit in general.

Presently, Cashfree offers the most extensive of UPI integration options among payment companies.

Read here: How to accept UPI payments on my website or mobile app?

We hope you found the bank-wise UPI transfer limit list helpful.

If you are looking to integrate UPI into your website or mobile app to accept payments, you can fill this form and ask your query.

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  1. It’s so good to transfer money 100000 per day but if i make payment in any emergency time than payment excited more than one lakh . How can perform that.

    1. Hi Ajay, yes, it is a valid concern. For any emergency situation, it is advisable that a user has more than one bank account. If you are using a particular UPI app, link all bank accounts with the UPI ID and switch to different accounts while paying. This way you shall be able to do transactions above the threshold limit.

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