What’s new | Bulk Refund Processing on Merchant Dashboard

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We are happy to announce that managing refunds on Cashfree payment gateway just got easier.

Now you can process refund requests in bulk and achieve faster and efficient refund management.

In an event when you need to process multiple refund requests, you can bulk import that data into your Cashfree Merchant dashboard and process the refunds in no time.

To process bulk refunds from Merchant Dashboard:

  1. Login to Cashfree Dashboard > Refunds > Bulk refunds
  2. Download the sample refund file (as shown in the image below).

You can use either of the sample files i.e sample CSV with Ref ID or sample CSV with Order id. 

Sample file:

3) Enter the data in the respective fields and save it as CSV file (You should remove the header, as currently we do not accept headers in the csv file)

4) Now upload the file by clicking on <upload file> and then click on the Submit button.

Note: Please note one file can support upto 50 refunds, if there are more refunds, you need to upload multiple files.

Once submitted, the file will be processed within 15-20 minutes. You can check the status of refund processing on your refunds dashboard (PG Dashboard > Refunds > Refund).

Please note: The initial status of all refund requests will be “Pending”. This means that the refund has been added to the refund queue and will be processed in a short while. 

Once the refund is processed the status will be updated to Success. This implies that the refund request has been successfully sent to the original payment provider (Bank, Wallet, etc.). The payment provider will credit the entire amount to the source in 7 to 10 days.

We hope this feature helps you process refunds effortlessly. For any refund processing related queries, write us at care@cashfree.com.

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